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Estonia is a state in the Baltic region of Northern Europe and it’s the crown jewel of the Region. This small treasure land offers a unique opportunity to everyone to enjoy its magnificent castles, manor houses and the medieval town of Tallinn with its city wall and towers.

Estonia is a dynamic country that offers much more with its beautiful sea line.

The population of Estonia is approximately 1.4 million centred mostly in the cities of Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Narva.

There are many places to see and discover in Estonia. SPA holidays are widely popular and famously renown for its sea resorts since the beginning of 20th century. Wellness and SPA centres offer a wide range of recreational and medical treatments.

Estonian nature has a lot to offer too, natural parks, divine landscapes, islands and a coastline that is waiting to be discovered. It’s a paradise for bird lovers because of its migration path.

Estonia is well known among culture lovers for its events that take place each year and many of them have became widely popular not only in Estonia but all over Europe, events such as the Ballet Gala, Opera days, world’s famous JazzCarr festival including the beautiful barocco music concerts.

These events are hosted in beautiful and cosy surroundings around manor houses.

The Islands are a must to visit and discover. Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Kihnu. Each island is unique, with own spirit and culture. Estonians are friendly and humours and are more then happy to share its beauty with you.

It will be our pleasure to arrange the best vacation you desire and would be delighted to hear from you.

Why Estonia?

  • Beautiful National Parks
  • Stunning  Manor Houses
  • Picturesque Saaremaa Island
  • Romantic Medieval Old Town
  • Delicious medieval cuisine
  • Wonderful restaurants and services
  • Sophisticated atmosphere
  • Arts and music
  • High Class Music Festivals
  • Great local beer and liquors
  • Excellent Scandinavian and European style hotels
  • Cozy Boutique Hotels
  • SPA and Wellness
  • Business Opportunities