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Kolyvan, Lindanise, Reval, Taanilinn and Tallinn… It is all about one city!

Tallinn is a capital and the largest city of Estonia, a small country on the Coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s in the list of UNESCO World Heritage and so beautiful that deserve to be visited!

The Old Town of Tallinn has been amazingly well preserved and now is even in a better shape than ever with bigger roads and fashionable shopping streets reminiscent of Zurich or Geneva.

In summer time Tallinn is full of tourists with the traditional day trippers from Helsinki as well as Europeans taking advantage of cheap flights.

The history of Tallinn goes back to the medieval times and has been first mentioned in 1154 though the fortress was built there earlier than that and it was a famous salt market well known by Vikings and Novgorod’s merchants.tallinntuul05d2606 (4) In 1219 the city was conquered by Danish King Valdemar II and we believe all Danes know that Dannebrog was born in Tallinn! The legend states the origin of the flag to the Battle by Lindanise (one of the old names of Tallinn) on 15th June 1219. The battle was going bad so a Danish priest prayed to God on the top of the Toompea hill to move Danes closer to the victory. When Danes were about to lose a white piece of fabric fell down from the sky right into the sword, which had a cross shape having absorbed blood of the battle The King took it and showed to the army to fill their hearts with courage… and the Danes won the battle!

Later the city got a Lübeck right and not long after that was sold to a Hanseatic League for the depths. The city known as Reval prospered as a trading town in the 14th century and most of the present Old Town was built during that time.

We can tell you endlessly about the history and legends of Tallinn but it’s always better to come and see it with your own eyes – an Eye is a King! And we are sure you can truly feel as a King in Tallinn.

Tallinn is famous not only for its history and architecture but also for the entertainment. There are many good restaurants offering you va wide choice of cuisine. Estonian, European, Russian, Medieval, French, Spanish, Asian.. just feel what’s your mood for! Wine bars – vinoteek – offer you really interesting selection of wines and you can enjoy them in a lovely ambience. All vinoteek’s have amazingly different interiors and are very cozy, especially for wine lovers who would definitely appreciate spending time there enjoying the process. It’s well known that wine drinking is an art, a ceremony and a pleasure for everyone!

There are also few interesting places for beer drinkers, like beer restaurant with its’ own brewery. They offer great selection of own beers that any expert will appreciate. You can try a dark honey beer and light cinnamon one at a medieval restaurant that are both made by old receipts. We recommend to try these beers even if you are not a beer fan just for the unique experience.

For those, who loves music or theater Tallinn and Estonia offers wide range of events. Besides theater events, like opera and ballet or symphonic concert Tallinn is well known among music lovers for its JAZZ Karr festival. In the end of the summer there is unique St.Brigitta festival of music and theater and for opera lovers – Saaremaa opera days, Johvi Ballett festival and much, much more! Estonians love music and culture.. it is true love and deep understanding.

What else? Beauty, of course!

Spa treatments, beauty centers, plastic surgery – this and more you will find in Tallinn. The centers and services are available for every taste and pocket. There are spa hotels, welness centres in a beautiful historical manor houses offering a wide range of beauty and medical treatments. Are you bored with your current image? Here you go – there are professional stylists who will help with an advice and literally do it for you, so just in a few hours you will be positively surprised with a result. For cases involving additional attention, not just a change of a haircut and a dressing style, there are very well experienced professionals and modern clinics with even ready packages.

If you are a nature lover, enjoy long walk and hiking or like birds watching there is no better place than Estonia in total for that. Our small country is famous for its flora and fauna, national park that has places where no human has stepped in, long beaches to be enjoying during summer times and islands to be discovered.

Be the one, be the best, be the luckiest to see, try and explore the treasures of Tallinn and Estonia.