Guest Review

I have been a few places around the Northern Hemisphere. Some exotic places, and many very nice places. In Italy you will find sharp dressed men on every corner. And the politeness of an English Lady or Gentleman is remarkable compared to what you usually face in your daily life in Norway.

In the Baltics both fashion and politeness is combined beautifully. Add culture and history and you will find many interesting moments in that region. Tallinn in Estonia is a cheerful and special capital. The whole of the old town is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. And you can see why. The way Estonia has made this, not into dead museum, but as a pulsating heart of the city is remarkable. You can find everything from mediaeval concerts of Europe’s leading barocco  orchestra to modern jazz in small clubs. And do you want the normal pock or disco club, then there are many options for that as well.

The scenery from uptown in the old town gives you the view of the whole modern city as well as a view of the old churches that reflects the history of this old town and country. It is interesting as a Scandinavian to hear about the background of Estonia. Did you know that the flag of Denmark is directly related to Estonia? And that salt was of big importance to this town ages ago? Thing is that you can find many interesting things to explore there. The open air museum gives you a glimpse of how it was to grow up in this society in the past. And the art museum might give you even more insight in how it was to be a part of the Soviet era. You would be surprised to find how similar the fashion, equipment and life was to the west at that time.

People is polite as I said, and curious about strangers. So it is not difficult to get in touch with the natives, and they in general have very good language skills in English. So communication is not even a problem if you speak a bit English yourself.

If you want something special, you can go to Olde Hansa, a large restaurant in the city center. Actually I would not call it a restaurant, I would call an experience. To go into the dark environment, without any electric light, just candles, and with honey beer and special food, this should be an experience you should not pass by.”

Per-Ola B. Norway

“A visit to Tallinn is a pleasant surprise. It is a cute fairy-tail city built in the North of Europe on the Baltic Sea. It is one of the most charming and well preserved medieval towns of North Europe. The old town, which is enlisted in the World Heritage list of UNESCO, was Cultural Capital of Europe in 2011. Tallinn is unique and brings to mind the film set of an old movie. It is located on Toompea hill and it is surrounded by very well preserved walls. The narrow cobbled streets still bear the medieval atmosphere that makes the visitor feel like he is centuries back in time. Several conquerors that passed through Tallinn, especially the Germans, have left their mark. However there still are a lot of Swedish and Russian influences as well. Moreover a large part of the population is of Russian origin and the Russian language and culture are still alive to date.

Tallinn is not only a city full of cultural sites, it is also the center of the rapidly developing economy of Estonia. The old town is surrounded by the new one which is very interesting in terms of architecture with ultramodern buildings, skyscrapers made of metal and glass and luxurious hotels. The modern part coexists though with the medieval section and does not disturb the relaxed atmosphere of the town. The domes of the Gothic churches stick out and the medieval Town Hall, the oldest in Europe, adds to the character of the town. Walk through Rotterman, by the port,  where the old architecture is combined with the modern minimal design. Climbing up to Toompea the view is stunning while the old churches are of great historical interest. Going towards the Town Hall indulge in a cold beer at the cafes around the square and walk through the narrow streets. There are always many ways to enjoy yourself in Tallinn. At night the town may not remind the cosmopolitan European cities with their lively nightlife, it is warm and captivating though thanks to the beautifully lit picturesque streets.

The best time to visit Tallinn is in the summer when the weather is cool and pleasant, while in the end of August the leaves start to turn yellow and fall and the climate changes quickly as it is in the North of Europe.”
Dimitris Daskalakis, Greece