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Welcome to Norway! We invite you to experience this beautiful country with an assistance of Travel4best to make it one of the most memorable trips in your life. Welcome to Norway! We invite you to experience this beautiful country with an assistance of Travel4best to make it one of the most memorable trips in your life!

Norwegians claim that Norway is the most beautiful country in Scandinavia. You may want to find out if they are right. You have all heard about fjords and mountains, and oil and fishing. But is this all Norway has to offer? If you have never visited Norway, you might think that this is all they have got. If you have been there, we believe there are still few tips to give you that will make it worth visiting again.

Let us start with fish. Norway has a very long coastline; in fact it is more than 2.650 km long if you just draw a line along the coast. But if you add fjords and islands, you can explore more than 25.000 km! And all along this line there are possibilities to catch fish, crabs, lobster, scallops etc. So a big industry with a very long history of Norway is linked to fish. If you ever go to Portugal, Spain or Italy, you can easily find a variety of Bachalao with local adoptions. This is salted and dried cod most likelycaught off the coast of Norway that is called Klippfisk here. But this fish has found other markets as well. For example, it is hard to imagine a Christmas Celebration without Bachalao mixed with tomato salsa in Mexico. Then you have probably heard that Scandinavians eat herring at least 3 times a day. This is not exactly true, but there is lot of herrings made with variations. Salted, pickled, fried, fermented. And, of course, salmon together with trout – it is also available worldwide, and it can be a nice dish to try in some local restaurants.

With a long coastline, the connection to the sea is natural. If you asked a boy in docks of Singapore 35 years ago what was the biggest country in the world, he would probably answer “Norway”. Almost every second ship had a Norwegian flag at those times. The story is a bit different today, but shipping industry is still one of biggest in this country.

Travelling in Norway.

To travel in Norway is considered to be very expensive. It is true that prices in general are high, but there are options to cut them down a bit. Going by train or bus is expensive comparing to most other countries. But if you are early when booking, then there are lots of discounts to get. And traveling by plane is not that pricy, so this can be an option if you travel from Oslo to the west or north of the county. We at Travel4Best will gladly assist you in planning your route.

The nature of Norway is breathtaking, and it is simply everywhere – from the waving landscape in the south-east to the low but rugged coastline towards the west with Stavanger and Bergen as major cities. Then across big fjords up to Aalesund, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, or even the world as some people claim. This city burned almost completely down in 1904 and was rebuilt in a modern style of Art Noveu or Jugend, as it is also called. There are still very many buildings from that period and it is often compared with Riga in Latvia. From Aalesund the mighty Storfjord goes into the country and ends up in the famous Geiranger. But there are other fjords to consider in this region. The shorter Hjoerundfjord is a well-kept secret and deserves to be visited.

Travelling further up the coast, you will find Trondheim with the world’s northernmost cathedral Nidarosdomen. St. Olav is supposed to be buried here. Trondheim has also a pulsating nightlife and is a student city focused on technology with famous state universities. It is also known for Namsenriver, which is one of the best in Norway for salmon fishing.

The next area along the coast is Helgeland with more than 12000 islands. So if you look for a place where you can escape from the world and enjoy only your own company, you may find one of the islands over here with a virgin nature and no inhabitants. Fish and crabs are everywhere and you are close to the world’s strongest maelstrom Saltstraumen. It can exceed a speed of 20 knots, or 37 km/h. This is also a very popular place for fishing with a huge variety of different types of fish.

Lofoten and Vesteraalen are next sights worth seeing. The amazing mountains rising right out of the North Atlantic Oceanare very special. The geology in this area is very old, about 1.800 million years old granite. There are areas even older than it, like up to 2.500 million years old. This area is very famous for the Skreifiske in March. This special type of cod comes in from the ocean at this time of the year. A world championship of skreifiske takes place at the same time and everyone can participate in.