One day trip from Oslo

One day trip from Oslo

Duration: 5-6 h

Where to go if you have just a day or two in Oslo? We have got that question more than once. There are few beaten path and options, but we offer much better option!  During the trip you will see mountains, lakes, valleys, mines, stavkirke, and world famous history all wrapped up in amazing scenery.

You will drive via Drammen with the oldest brewery in Norway, then towards the city with old silver mines

Driving further you will pass the place, famous for it’s blues festivals, and very soon you  will see the stavkirke – the old wooden church with it’s unique architecture and 100 years of history.

Further on you will drive along Tinnsjøen, which is the third deepest lake in Norway, 460 meters deep. It holds some secrets as well, but you can try to discover those when you are there. Entering Rjukan you are in a very narrow wally that runs east/west, hence there are not much sun in the winter. But the inhabitants of Rjukan have found a way. They have put up a mirror on top of the wally on the northern side. Have a stop at the main square and see for yourself. There are also a cableway/funicular up on the same side, with a restaurant on top. Perfect place for a lunch.

Being there you will here interesting stories and learn why the place is so famous.

From Vemork, you go back through the city towards Gaustadtoppen. This mountain is 1883 meters high and you can see 1/6 of Norway on a clear day there, and even Denmark if you are lucky. It is a two hour walk to get up, but behold, there is a shortcut.

When you head back towards Oslo, you will have time to check out variations of stabbur along the road. These small buildings served as food storage in the old days, and there are a lot of them in this region. You should be back in Oslo in about 5 -6 hours, just in time to have a nice dinner and tell to friends how your trip was.