Past, Present and Future of Oslo

Past, Present and Future of Oslo

Duration: 3 h

Price: 2000NOK

The tour starts at the Town Hall where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies are held annually on December 10th. The Town Hall opened in 1950, when Oslo celebrated 900 years anniversary. Then find out why Oslo celebrated 1000 years anniversary only 50 years later. Oslo City Hall is decorated by prominent Norwegian modern artists. They drew their inspiration and motifs from Norwegian history, culture and life. The tour include City Hall’s history, art and architecture. It also looks into the political activities that occur here with information on events. Among the sights covered by the tour are the Munch Room, the Party Gallery and the Banquet Hall.

Strolling through the city centre, the tour passes many of the main sights. Including the Akershus Fortress – as well as one of the oldest buildings of Oslo. You can visit the castle and shrine of Norwegian Kings. Get acquainted with the history of Oslo and observe the modern part of the city from fortress walls. Visit the Old market square, and have a look at the Opera House. This that won the culture award at the World Architecture Festival and European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. You can even walk the Opera roof. This is probably the only cultural building where you can climb the top without any troubles. Next to it is the Hundred Years Library.

Karl Johan

You pass by the central railway station – actually both – old and new. Have a stop for photo at the beautiful huge tiger statue and learn why Oslo called the city of tiger. Then continue to the main boosting street of Norwegian capital – Karl Johans gate. It connects the Royal Palace with the rest of the city and ends at the train station square. Through the walk you will learn about Norwegian Kings. Tour passes many attractions like main Cathedral what Norwegian Royal Family and Norwegian Government use for public events. It has works of stained glass windows in the choir by Emanuel Vigeland – brother of Gustav Vigeland – the world famous sculptor. Move on to House of Parlament and Grand hotel. The hotel hosts the annual Nobel Peace Prize reception, and the prize winners stay there. So does the other famous and noble guests of course. Continue walking through the park to the National Theatre. Here you will learn about the cultural life of Oslo and it’s famous citizens. Henrik Ibsen and Bjornstjaerne Bjornson are two of them.