SourBitterSweet - Journey of Flavours

SourBitterSweet – Journey of Flavours

You should know Norway from a deeper perspective than fjords, nature and mountains. The cold climate made it possible to preserve food in various ways, and some of them are very special. The food was traditionally heavy with no added spices, as they were not widely spread. Dried cod, salted meat, dried and cured sausages, lamb and pork legs were kept to be eaten during long winters. All these traditions have transformed into a very interesting cuisine with natural milk products, amazing Kviteseid butter, unique rakfisk (slightly fermented trout), where fantastic salted and dried meat give you added value and understanding of the pure Norwegian nature and taste.

We invite you to the sour/bitter/sweet experience in the centre of Oslo, where you will try some of the flavours and get some interesting stories in addition.