Testimonial – 07.04.2019

by | Apr 10, 2019

I have always been a sunbathing kind of vacation person, so I never thought of going to Norway but as my BF loves snowboarding and wanted to visit Norway, I gave it a try and went with him. You know what? It was awesome, and I would love to go there again and again. We have already been twice: one time in winter and the second in summer. If You ask when it is better to go, I have no answer. It is such a beautiful country with gorgeous nature and friendly people. The most exciting is that any person could find there something to do, as fishing, making pictures of nature or selfies with unbelievable views on the background, snowboarding, hiking and so on. I do not like fishing, so it was pretty boring for me until I saw a DOLPHIN passing by our boat! Now I understand why the whole country likes fishing  We also went to Trollstiegen while summer trip and there are no words that could describe emotions You get being there, so now we train a lot to go to Trolltunga next time we visit Norway. In conclusion, I want to say that if You are not sure about going there, give it a try and, I believe, you would fall in love with this country! Thank you to travel4best, every time I got exactly what wanted. Really look forward to visiting Norway again and again.


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