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Go viking! Vikings’ footsteps

13/11/2019, Author: Andrei

Duration: full day, up to 7 hoursPrice: on enquiry This one-of-a-kind tour through history of the Vikings is a great opportunity for all interested to visit not an over-hyped or touristic paths but more iconic to Norwegians places, even some of them have never been there but know as much as do our guests after [...]

Grünerløkka – the modern Oslo?

31/03/2019, Author: Per

Duration 2 hPrice 1300 NOK Modern Oslo - where is it? If you think of Oslo and Norway, the first thing that comes to your mind is usually Vikings, nature, fjords, Nobel Peace Price, Munch, Polar explorers, Nansens Passport and perhaps something about Ibsen. This is all true, but most of it is a history. [...]

Sour-Bitter-Sweet – Journey of Flavours

01/12/2017, Author: Andrei

Duration: 2,5 hPrice: 996NOK p/p min 2 pax, max 8 pax What comes first to your mind when you hear about Norway? Most probably this is fjords and mountains or oil and salmon. All this is there, but there are hidden gems as well. Traditionally, food was heavy and brutal with salted pork, or fermented [...]

From Oslo to Kristiania and Back

12/10/2017, Author: Andrei

Duration: 2 hPrice: 1300 NOK Akershus fortress used to be a reliable defender of Oslo since the times when the city still was small. The whole city could fit the land under the Ekeberg hill. Today, the castle is the most recognised symbol of Norwegian capital. We shall start the tour with a visit of [...]

Norwegian Tracery

12/10/2017, Author: Andrei

Duration: 2 hPrice: 1300 NOK Norwegian patterns used at knitted garments are just as easily recognised, as Viking boats at pictures. These traditional designs has been used in decoration for centuries. Even today they remain beautiful and attractive. They can be found not only at granny cardigan but equally often at top fashion models. Also [...]

Sagas and Stories of Oslo

12/10/2017, Author: Andrei

Duration: 2,5 hPrice: 1700NOK Every medieval European city has a mysterious side of legends, puzzles, ghosts and mystic stories. The little mystery, uncovered by books and chronicles, has formed legends, myths and stories. They have been transferred through generations to make a bigger part of a puzzle. Then reality and story are hard to separate. [...]

One day trip from Oslo

02/10/2017, Author: Andrei

Duration: 5-6 h Where to go if you have just a day or two in Oslo? We have got that question more than once. There are few beaten path and options, but we offer much better option!  During the trip you will see mountains, lakes, valleys, mines, stavkirke, and world famous history all wrapped up [...]

Past, Present and Future of Oslo

02/10/2017, Author: Andrei

Duration: 3 hPrice: 2000NOK The tour starts at the Town Hall where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies are held annually on December 10th. The Town Hall opened in 1950, when Oslo celebrated 900 years anniversary. Then find out why Oslo celebrated 1000 years anniversary only 50 years later. Oslo City Hall is decorated by prominent [...]

Romantic City Break

05/03/2017, Author: Andrei

Day 1 Arrival to Tallinn Transfer to the hotel by private car Check in in the beautiful romantic 4 stars hotel in the Old Town Bottle of sparkling wine in the room upon arrival Guided walking  tour in the Old town, visiting most beautiful and romantic corners of Tallinn, amazing view from the best view [...]

Medieval Tallinn

05/03/2017, Author: Andrei

Day 1 Arrival to Tallinn Transfer to the hotel with private car. Check-in Guided walking tour in Tallinn Old Town, visiting beautiful historical sights, walking in Upper Town Toompea, visiting Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Oldest Dome Church, Garden of the Danish King and Virgine tower, unique the only Gothic Town Hall and St. Olav Church and [...]