Grünerløkka Experience

Modern Oslo – where is it?
If you think of Oslo and Norway, the first thing that comes to your mind is usually Vikings, nature, fjords, Nobel Peace Price, Munch, Polar explorers, Nansens Passport and perhaps something about Ibsen. This is all true, but most of it is a history. So what about Norway and Oslo today? Let us take you to an area of the possible next Munch or Ibsen, with a new and more vibrant culture. Please meet Grünerløkka. Actually, Munch did live there for a period, but there were some other interesting events as well.

The area used to be a working class neighborhood, based on the industry along Akerselva with textile, iron, glass production and even sails. There is still Seilduksgata today.

When you arrive at Grünerløkka, the first thing that strikes you is small cafes, second-hand shops and handicraft almost on every corner. Street art is all over the place, dynamic and changing over the years. We shall show you the history of brewing in the area that has now migrated to handcrafted and very interesting beers. There are all kinds of small alleys, where you can visit a little gallery, shop or hidden pub inside. The whole area is thriving with life. There are mini markets at weekends, local events everywhere and probably the best bread in town. The tour will next take you to Mathallen with a possibility to taste local cheese and cured sausages. There will be charming secret street with little wooden houses to top it off. This is just at the steps of the graveyard where Munch himself is at peace.

If you want a sample of modern Oslo, this is where we would like taking you to.