Sour-Bitter-Sweet – Journey of Flavours

What comes first to your mind when you hear about Norway? Most probably this is fjords and mountains or oil and salmon.

All this is there, but there are hidden gems as well. Traditionally, food was heavy and brutal with salted pork, or fermented and even dried fish. It helped people to survive trough harsh winters. With a time this brutal food has transformed into a very interesting cuisine with natural pure taste.

Salted dried cod, that all world knows as bacalao, and we call it Klippfisk. Different sausages, cured lamb and pork legs no worse than famous jamon Iberico or Parma ham are just mouthwatering. Many sorts of cheese from different parts of Norway, amazing Kviteseid butter, unique rakfisk (slightly fermented trout ) open you a door to the Norwegian nature and flavours.

We invite you to the Sour-Bitter-Sweet experience in the centre of Oslo to will try some of the carefully selected best Norwegian flavour samples, and get interesting stories in addition.

Included Interesting stories about traditional food and tasting of best specialties, few sorts of cheese, sausages, cured meat and what else the season offers.

Duration 2 h

 NB Pre-booking, testing for groups of 3 pax and more costs additionally